Kelsey and Geoff

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Thank you for being here and being a part of our love story. We can't wait to celebrate with you!!

Geoff and I met at Wake Forest University in 2014. Geoff tells people we met at a party which is true but he likes to leave out the detail that it was a party for our separate A Capella groups to mix and mingle. After hitting it off and exchanging a few texts, Geoff learned that I had never experienced the deliciousness that is a Bojangles biscuit before -- a major red flag to a North Carolinian like himself. Determined to correct this injustice, Geoff met me in the library one morning at 6 am where I was working on a paper and brought me two types of Bojangles biscuits to try. The biscuits were amazing, I got an A on the paper and we started spending time together. We connected on so many things early on - our shared love for music, singing and musicals, Disney movies, open communication and honesty and general values.  

At the end of the school year, I graduated and moved to NYC to start my job and Geoff transferred to University of North Carolina. We dated long distance for a year, one of us hopping on a plane every month for a mere 48 hours together, before breaking up to focus on being "all there" in our separate lives in NYC and NC. It didn't stick for long - we rang in 2017 together in NYC, got back together and made a plan for closing the distance once Geoff graduated. Geoff soon lined up a job and moved to NYC, and the rest is history!

Learning and growing together over the past 8 years (and a global pandemic) has been a life-changing experience for both of us. We've shaped each other in so many ways since we met fairly young and have been side by side through the highs and lows of adulthood, navigating it all together and building a life we love.

Central Park has always been my happy place in the city and moving so close to it on the Upper East Side truly helped us survive the pandemic in NYC. Geoff proposed in March of 2022 on an unseasonably warm day at a lookout spot on The Central Park Lake that has beautiful views of my favorite building, the San Remo. I was totally shocked and absolutely thrilled! I knew he had the ring but was convinced it would happen the next month. The day was one surprise after another and I couldn't imagine a more perfect and meaningful location for the two of us to get engaged and open a new chapter together.